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Q-Sox employee Marcia uses our polyester remnants to benefit over 300 young school children with colorful backpacks. She travels to two small farming villages, populations of approximately 3,000 people. These villages are located in the central part of Ukraine in the Cherkasy Region. The villages are located about 2 hours south of Kiev on the Dnieper River. The people of these villages are poor and the unemployment rates are quite high. They are mostly very happy people and they have joy despite their hard lives.

Ukraine is situated in East-Central Europe. It is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova to the West, by Belarus to the North and by the Russian Federation to the North-East and East. To the South lie the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The Capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Ukraine has excellent farmland and large mineral reserves. The black soils found across much of Ukraine are very fertile and the country is a big producer of cereals, sugar beets and sunflowers, which are grown for their oil. Industry in Ukraine is based around the country’s mineral reserves. 

Ukraine Map